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Coaching & Workshops

Learn to put a structure behind your concept step-by-step. Benefit from best practices to build a neat, efficient and well-structured Excel tool. Take full control of your financial planning

Don't quite know how to get started with your financial plan and how to put it all into structure?

I firmly believe that being in full control of your numbers and your  planning model is a key to success for you as a founder.

Individual Coaching

In individual sessions I will coach you in building your own fully functional planning model for your new venture, based on my often-used and well-proven system. 

I typically start with the key conceptual steps - on pen and paper - that will help you set up a simple and logically structured financial plan for your business. I will then guide you step-by-step through building a neat and clean dynamic Excel model that reflects the essential drivers of your operating business.


As a result you will be skilled in changing, altering, amending your planning model yourself at any time. You can count on my vast repertoire of best-practices I have gathered and developed over the years.

We can do this face to face or in virtual sessions.


Want to offer your portfolio companies guidance to take ownership of their financial planning?

I will plan and implement your personalised workshop.

Get in touch to discuss.

Financial Planning Workshops

In comprehensive financial modelling workshops I teach fundamental skills that will enable you (or your companies) to build your own well-structured plan. 

This can encompass both conceptual approach (how do I systematically develop my sales and cost forecast?) and hands-on implementation (step-by-step guidance on how to reflect this in a logically structured, dynamic Excel model).


You will also get to know my essential Dos and Don'ts of modeling and benefit from some best practices that I have gathered and further developed over the years. All geared towards making your Excel model efficient, easy to use (and read), and less prone to errors.

Need more info or would like to discuss informally?

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